a sybarite in paradise
reviewing the food & entertainment pleasures of Honolulu
Sekiya’s is popular. Sekiya’s is for the most part inexpensive. It’s rustic, family friendly and a Honolulu landmark since 1957. For the life of me I can’t understand why. I wanted to like it. It’s like a Japanese version of the Big Boy restaurant of my childhood. I have an affection for the genre this place fits into. However, the food just didn’t live up the reputation.
I ordered chicken sukiyaki. It was OK, but way too sweet for my taste. Andrew calle
d it teriyaki soup. True enough. The miso soup they brought me first was fine. Howard had shrimp tempura saimin. He liked the saimin, but the tempura shrimp were rubbery, limp, thickly coated and just plain unappetizing, bordering on gross. Andrew liked his saimin too. Justin’s beef and tomato was a stew and OK, but kind of bland. The best thing we had was the delicious ahi sashimi. It was fresh as can be and wonderful. The fried saimin noodles are very much like crispy noodles you get out of a can, but they were obviously homemade.
The koi pond on the way to the bathroom is a nice respite from the squalor that is the
bathroom and what I could see of the kitchen. There’s electrical conduit running along under the back window with many, many years of grease and grime on it. I came back from the bathroom thinking of a line from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”: “What a ....”. Hint: rhymes with hump.
Andrew thinks Sekiya’s deserves another chance. I hope he lets me know how it goes.
Sekiya's Restaurant & Delicatessen
2746 Kaimuki Ave.
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Ph: (808) 732-1656
Monday, September 17, 2007