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I finally got around to seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix late last week. Howard’s not a fan so I went by myself. The film is mostly entertaining, but the franchise is wearing thin with me. This is the last book of the series that I’ve read and knowing the whole plot kind of ruins a movie for me. Somehow the previous films still delighted me to no end. I’m not sure where this one went wrong.
One of my biggest problems with this film is that the kids look way older than what they’re portraying. On top of that, the story also never connects to me. I wasn’t drawn in like before. Even as action packed as it is, I was a little bored. The special effects are great as usual, but nothing new.
So far as the cast goes, Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge is deliciously evil, but not nasty enough. The rest of the cast are serviceable in their roles.
Many reviews called this the darkest Potter movie yet. It should have been darker, grittier and more scary. And please, please, please, when there is a fight scene let me see some fighting, rather than just some blur of characters flying around the screen.
O.K., I get down to the end and I sound much more unhappy with the film than I was. It was an enjoyable couple of hours, but not as enjoyable as the previous films in the series.
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix