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I’ve been to the Greek Corner many times. Today I went for lunch with resolve in my heart to bring half of my usual Gyros Salad home. I often eat it all, although it’s big enough that I could bring half home and still be full. The place was pretty busy for 11:30. There were two drivers from Room Service In Paradise, the delivery service waiting for their orders; as were two takeout customers and a table of two was already eating. Still the server was quick, efficient and took my order right away. I ordered the Gyros Salad, my usual. I had debated on have the sandwich instead and decide to keep to my plan and eat only half the salad. What came out of the kitchen was a Gyros Sandwich with salad. Oops. The server offered to change it, but I said I’d keep it. No worries. The salad was lightly dressed and tasty. The romaine lettuce had some onion mixed in and then topped with tomatoes, cucumber and feta. Two kalamata olives were on the side. The sandwich was good, but not quite as good as usual. The meat wasn’t warm and crispy as it often is here. It did have the right amount of yummy yogurt sauce (tzatziki). There were tomatoes and lettuce also. I always enjoy a Gyros sandwich.
OK, I have to say it. The Greek Corner has the dirtiest windows of any restaurant around. I’ve often thought about going down with my bucket and squeegee and offering to clean them in exchange for a sandwich. They keep the broken blinds down to keep you from noticing too.
The Greek Corner 942-5503
1025 University Ave.
Honolulu, HI 96826
Thursday, March 22, 2007
The Greek Corner