a sybarite in paradise
reviewing the food & entertainment pleasures of Honolulu
Last night we met Ron & Tim at Uncle Bo’s on Kapahulu Avenue. It’s in the old Auntie Pasto’s/Lo Lieto Pasta spot. Diamond Head was lit up pink in the background as we approached. We were glad Ron had made a reservation as the place was packed already at 6:30. The hostess led us to the back room and seated at a booth with a broken seat. The back of that seat was shared with the table behind us which was quite annoying as it shook every time the big guy behind us leaned forward and back. Which he did often. The decor is modern and clean, with hanging panels of cloth and chain. It’s a nice looking place.
Our waiter appeared and was very gracious and attentive throughout the meal. We ordered two appetizers, both shrimp. The first was a nightly special of a wonton wrapper filled with shrimp and deep fried. They were served with spicy remoulade sauce. Excellent. Next came a firecracker shrimp lettuce wrap appetizer that was very good too. Our entrees arrived in short order. I had the seafood combination in black bean sauce. It was good, but a bit salty. There were several kinds of fish and shellfish in it and all were cooked perfectly. It came with rice which hit the spot when dipped in the sauce. I was expecting more of a stir fry, but this was more brothy. It should have been served with a spoon.
Howard ordered the sauteed scallops which had no description on the menu. He even asked the waiter about them. No mention of cream. Howard hates cream sauces and that’s how they came. The menu is filled with descriptions of the dish
es. Why this one doesn’t have one is a mystery. Needless to say he wasn’t pleased with his meal. He said the pasta on the side was watery with almost no sauce and the vegetables were too garlicy and undercooked. Ron and Tim seemed to enjoy their dishes, but we were so busy catching up that we didn’t really talk about the food that much. We did all agree that next time we’d just stick to the pupu menu, since it’s so extensive and where the kitchen seems to excel.
Uncle Bo’s 739-2426
599 Kapahulu Avenue (parking lot located diagonally across Kapahulu)
Thursday, March 22, 2007
Uncle Bo’s