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When I first moved to Hawaii our friend Alan warned us to never go to Sumo Ramen in Waikiki. He said the place was horrible. I never did, but when we moved to Kaneohe I ventured into Sumo Ramen there. I was glad I did. It became a favorite. We m
oved to town two years ago and I was happy to find a Sumo Ramen just over a block away. This one is in the back of the Market City Shopping Center. It’s just as good as the one in Kaneohe.
I’m stuck in a ramen rut. I always order the Miso Ramen. It comes out piping hot and tastes wonderful. The broth at Sumo Ramen is very good. So many ramen places have a weak almost tasteless broth. On top of the ramen noodles are bean sprouts, two slices of char sui pork, a piece of fish cake and scallions. In amongst the noodles are little bits of ground pork too.
They have quite a big menu and the combinations are almost enough for two people. Howard and I often order one combo and another of the small plates. The spring rolls are especially good. The dough wrapper is light, fluffy and crunchy and looks to be made shredded egg roll wrappers. I’ve had them along with another small plate for lunch before.
The decor is modern and stylish. It’s a cute place. The food is inexpensive and well worth the money. Based on my experiences at two of their locations, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit any of the others. There’s also locations in Pearl City, Kapolei, and School Street.
Sumo Ramen 737-1868
Market City Shopping Center
2919 Kapiolani Blvd. #104
Friday, May 25, 2007
Sumo Ramen & Curry