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When friends are in town we usually take them to the Halekulani’s
House Without a Key for a drink and Kanoe Miller dancing the hula, followed by dinner at Keo’s Thai Cuisine. Last night we modified the routine a bit to accommodate Pilar’s food tastes. Our time at House Without a Key was lovely as always. The setting is magical and Kanoe Miller always entertaining, smiling as she dances. After one drink we moved on to Café Sistina for dinner.
I’ve never been to Café Sistina when it wasn’t crowded. It was a shock to walk in and find the place completely empty. This northern Italian eatery is popular and with good cause. I’ve always enjoyed the food here. There were no surprises last night. We eschewed the appetizers and salads and went right to the main course. I had the Opakapaka, which came in a tomato sauce with linguine. I wouldn’t call it extraordinary, but it was quite good. Bill had the dish I’ve had twice, the Gnocchi with Lamb Sausage. He quite enjoyed it. Pilar had Veal with Mushrooms which was delicious. Howard had the Pasta Puttanseca which had too much sauce for his tastes, but was flavorful. All the dishes were glistening with olive oil but didn’t taste greasy. The sauces were rich as is the Northern Italian way.
The restaurant is probably as well known for it’s walls as it’s food. Owner Sergio Mitrotti has painted the walls with scenes from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. This certainly adds charm to the place and is a reason we take visitors there. Café Sistina is great place to go when you need that fix of rich Northern Italian food.
Opakapaka with Linguine Gnocchi Lamb Sausage
Wednesday, May 9, 2007
House Without a Key & Café Sistina