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The Chef’s Table (now CLOSED) is in Hawaii Kai and a well worth a drive from town for. If you’ve got a hankering for hearty Austrian food, this place is heaven. Ron & Tim took us there last night and it has to be, hands down, the best middle European inspired food I’ve ever had. It’s also a pretty good deal, considering the volume of food you get.
We had reservations and were seated right away. The decor is a little dated, but the everything else makes up for it. Warm homemade rolls were brought right away and put on a stand above the table’s candle to help keep them warm. They didn’t last long enough to cool down though. Our sever was quick to greet us and give us the specials. Before long she was back with the bad news that two of the specials were sold out already, but she had two new ones. Three of us stuck to the menu items.
Dinner comes with soup and salad. With prices in the $16 - $22 range it’s a bargain. The soup was a corn and red pepper chowder. It was delicious, creamy but not too rich.
Next came the salad, which was basic, a mix of lettuces with cucumber, carrot & tomato. I had a nice vinaigrette dressing.
I ordered the 1/2 duck which came with carrots, broccoli, braised red cabbage and the restaurant’s signature onion potatoes. The base of the whole plate was lightly covered with a most delicious wine sauce. It was all excellent. The skin on the duck crispy, the meat tender and juicy.
Howard had the Jaegerschnitzel, sauteed pork covered in onions and mushrooms with the same veggies and spaetzle (spelled differently on their menu, which I don’t remember). I tasted it all too and it was wonderful. We both love spaetzle and they were terrific.
Ron had the mixed sausages plate and loved it. Tim had the Wiener Schnitzel plate and loved it too. I’ve always found that name funny.
The service was excellent throughout. Our server was gracious and helpful, but not intrusive. She seemed to catch on right away that we were all doing a bit of catching up after having not been all together in a while.  
What an excellent meal and three of us brought significantly sized doggie bags home. Yum, delicious leftovers for dinner tonight.
The Chef's Table is now closed.
Thursday, October 25, 2007
The Chef’s Table