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After my big MSG headache from Koi Koi Okonomiyaki I have been a little hesitant to try this dish again. My curiosity got the best of me today and I went to Chibo Okonomiyaki Restaurant in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Buildin
g A. It’s a very nice looking place, with clean Japanese decor. I was seated at the u-shaped table with grills all around. A mix of Japanese tourists and locals were at the table. Right in front of me the chef was working on two orders of okonomiyaki. I think it was mochi, cheese & steak for one and steak and shrimp for the other. It looked good. See video: click here.
I ordered my own combination of two items; shrimp and vegetable okonomiyaki, at $9.75 for two items. The veggies turned out to be potato and kabocha pumpkin. I watched as the chef, Masa, prepared everything. The batter went down first and then the veggies and shrimp were put on the grill. When they were cooked, they were put on top of the batter
and more batter was put on top. After several turns, it was topped with the brown sauce, mayonnaise and furikake. The chef cut it into quarters, slid it onto the plate, topped it with bonito flakes and presented it to me. It looked very scrumptious. It was! This puts to shame what they serve in Ala Moana. Of course it took twice as long to make. Everything was cooked perfectly and tasted great.
Okonomiyaki is street food in Japan, but this seemed to be somewhat elevated above that. It was only $1 more that at Koi Koi and well worth it. The prices do range all the way up to close to $20 for the house special okonomiyaki. It’s plentiful for one at lunch and I’d like to go back with a group to try more on the menu. It’s a charming place and my only criticism is that the waiter was slow giving me the check and returning my change. It wasn’t enough of a annoyance to deter me from going back. As for the MSG thing, they must use a little here, because I did have a slight reaction, but much less than at Koi Koi.
2201 Kalakaua Ave Ste A305
(Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Building A)
Lunch: 11:30a-2p M-Sa, Dinner: 5p-10p M-Su
Validated parking in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center Garage.
Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Chibo Okonomiyaki Restaurant