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MAC 24-7 is a beautiful newish restaurant on Kuhio in Waikiki. It’s hip and stylish: a very nice space. Too bad the food doesn’t live up to the decor. And the service couldn’t have been worse. I’d heard that there was spotty service when it first opened, so we waited a few months to try this place. They’re open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I probably would have appreciated the food more after my favorite watering hole kicked me out at closing time after a night of heavy cocktails. Having only two cocktails last night I wasn’t prepared for Mac 24-7.
When we walked into the restaurant we were told the wait would be 20 minutes, even though we could see numerous empty tables. The wait turned into 35 minutes in the lobby and another 10 at the table before we flagged down someone to bring us some water. When our waiter finally arrived another 10 minutes later we were in a bit of a mood. Later we found out he had a table of 12 or 15 in the private room, a few tables on other side of the restaurant and along with us just got seated 4 more tables. That would be too much for Superman if he was a waiter. Back when I was a waiter I would have murdered any hostess that did that to me.  
Anyway, it took forever to get our wine. We had to beg for bread. The food however, wasn’t that slow coming out of the kitchen. When it did we were all underwhelmed. Howard was upset that he could see his Chinese Chicken Salad ($13) sitting on the counter for more than 5 minutes before it was brought to our table. He said the whole thing was soggy. Terry’s Seared Ahi Tuna
($24) was OK, but at this place that is known for it’s huge portions, they sure were stingy with the Ahi. Jason didn’t like his Pulled Kalua Pork Sandwich($12). I got the Fried Chicken and Waffles($16) with country gravy. It was alright, but breading on the chicken was flavorless. How about some spices? The portion was 1/2 a chicken! The gravy and waffle were both fine and all together made an interesting taste combination. I’d love to try again, somewhere else. We also got an order of White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese. It was boring and tasteless.
Overall, it was a disastrous meal. It was only saved by being with good friends that we could bitch together about how bad it was.
MAC 24-7  921-5564
Hilton Prince Kuhio
2500 Kuhio Avenue
Waikiki Beach • HI • 96815
Monday, September 3, 2007
Mac 24-7