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I’m a little late getting around to seeing this movie. Mostly because I knew it would be around a while and who likes all those crowds at the movies anyway? If you’re a fan of the previous two movies you’ll love this one. You certainly could go to this film without having seen the others, but it wouldn’t be the same experience. The filmmakers do a good job of reminding those of us with no memory for plots how Jason Bourne got to this place in his life.
This is a 111 minute thrill ride of action. When the first movie came out I was dubious that Matt Damon could handle this role. He did and continues to here in the third and “final” film. There’s sure to be another, but with the plot neatly tied up in this one, I’m not sure where it could go.
Some of the action sequences go on a little to long for my tastes, especially the one in Tangier jumping roof to roof to save the girl. Big fans of hard action probably won’t agree.  
The cast is great. David Strathairn practically chews up the scenery as a deliciously evil CIA Deputy Director. Joan Allen is wonderful contrast to Strathairn. Julia Stiles is pouty beauty as the “love interest.” Paddy Considine has a far to short role, but convincingly brings out his character’s terror at being involved in this affair. Matt Damon is Jason Bourne. He inhabits this hero role in a much more nuanced way than most Hollywood action heroes would have.
A good as The Bourne Ulitmatum is, still remember to suspend your disbelief a bit. There was one HUGE continuity error at the end that should have been re-shot. It came at a critical point too, and I came right out of moment wondering what the filmmakers were thinking. Don’t think to hard about it and enjoy the ride.
Friday, August 24, 2007
The Bourne Ultimatum