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If you’ve seen the trailer to this movie, you’ve pretty much seen the movie. Not that it isn’t entertaining, it’s just they showed you the whole thing in the trailer. It’s a good date movie; a romantic comedy with a tragic sub-plot. The performances are mostly good, but can’t quite raise the formulaic script out of the depths of mediocrity.
Catherine Zeta-Jones, miscast or out of her depth, plays Kate who is thrust into raising her sister’s kid, Zoe, played deftly by Abigail Breslin. Kate has no idea how to do this. In steps Nick, played by Aaron Eckhart. He’s the answer to both their prayers, even though Kate doesn’t know it.
It was a mostly enjoyable way to pass 103 minutes, especially if you didn’t think about it too hard or expect too much. Don’t get wigged out when the bowl of spaghetti changes volume dramatically from shot to shot. The continuity person must have been spending all their time making sure Nick’s two day old beard was always the same.
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
No Reservations